Dementia: Understanding Behaviours

by Altura Learning

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Course Description:

In this course you will learn how behaviours related to dementia may arise as a result of unmet needs. We will explore how you can help to identify these needs and respond appropriately.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to understanding behaviours. We explore the kinds of behaviours that may be encountered by care staff and encourage staff to view behaviour as a form of communication, in order to recognise a person’s unmet needs and provide effective care and support. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding each individual and ‘their’ dementia.
  • Recognising common behaviours associated with dementia: distressed behaviour; walking about and restlessness; sleeplessness and night time waking; repetitive vocalisation, actions or questions; disinhibition; experiencing a different reality; hallucinations and delusions; visuoperceptual difficulties; resisting care; hiding or hoarding items.
  • Understanding behaviours in relation to unmet needs: physical, environmental, emotional and social needs.
  • Strategies that can assist staff in understanding behaviours: not taking behaviours personally; effective communication; the importance of life stories.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe why each person with dementia is unique and can be affected differently by dementia
  • Recognise common behavioural and psychological symptoms associated with dementia
  • Describe how understanding behaviour as a communication of unmet needs can support appropriate responses
  • Explore key strategies that can assist staff to understand behaviours and identify unmet needs

Who is this course appropriate for:

This course is appropriate for all care staff who support people living at home with dementia. It is also appropriate for carers who are supporting their family or friend.

Continuing Professional Development Hours:

Up to 8 hours can be earned completing this course.

You can earn 1 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hour by completing the video and assessment questions. If you wish to extend your learning and earn up to an additional 7 CPD hours, you may download the extension exercise which is attached to this course.

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